Ayurvedic Therapies

A Day of Rejuvenation Package

A Day of Rejuvenation is a two-person Abhyanga, Swedana, Shirodhara, & Chakra Balancing.

Two massage practitioners: $320 / 3 hours of bliss

One massage practitioner: $295 / 3.5 hours

Individual Therapies


Swedana is a herbalized steam box treatment to allow the body to sweat out built up toxins and move remaining toxins towards the GI tract for proper elimination.

$30 / 20 minutes


Shirodhara involves pouring warm oil onto the center of the forehead and includes a neck, head, hands, & feet massage. Shirodhara calms and soothes the nervous system, reduces fears, anxieties, and helps insomnia.

$125 / 1.5 hours
A one hour add on to any massage: $80

Insomnia, Digestive Disorders, Anxiety, Bloating, Constipation - West SeattleChakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing utilizes special oils for each chakra, bija sounds and affirmations to activate the chakras.

$40 /30 minutes,  $70 / 1 hour

Hrid BastiHrid (Heart) Basti

Hrid (Heart) Basti is a dough that is made and applied to the heart with warm herbal oils added to bring balance to the heart and lungs. We incorporate affirmations, bija sounds, and foot massage.

$75 / 1 hour

dsc_4491Netra Basti

Netra Basti is a dough that is sealed around the eye made into a dam. Inside the dam we apply warm ghee. This treatment is a cleanse to release the toxins in our facial tissue and nervous system. Also, it helps with sty’s, twitching, dry or water eyes, and bells palsy.

Both eyes: $95 / 1.15 hours